Music Promotion on DJ Bobajoe Platforms

Thanks for your interest in Promoting your Music on DJ Bobajoe Platforms,but their are some faults which should be set aside before we can play your track on our Platforms.

Firstly make me introduce the copyright policy which we obey ,this policy set your music at a bandwidth in which only you are able to promote the rights of eqch Music before you send and pay us to play your music please read the following:

•Contact us at (876)838-1355 on WhatsApp or Voice call ,Email us at

•If there is a reply it will be the link to our Promotional form which should be correctly filled out and if not completed your Promotional existence will be extracted from applying within 1hour and the you should retry.

•After completing form and return it to us we'll do the spot check and email PROMOTION FORM WAS SUCCESSFULLY ACCEPTED

•Now that is finished you should now Email your music to

(Your Track should be Correctly Labelled and if track is explicit then you should then send the clean version)

•Now that is dewelt with it's now for you to pay a fund of $0.99USD for your track to be successful in this mixtape.(NO EXTRA CHARGE IS FOUND)

Thanks now you know the rules to Make your track be available in our Projects 


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